Veola Body Slimming System

veolaThere is a comfortable way to tighten your skin and firm your body and its name is Veola 3D shaping system.

Ever thought about how a more beautiful you would look like? Here is your chance to see it: you can gain tighter and smoother skin, rejuvenate its firmness and have a very youthful look with the help of Veola 3D Shaping (Drainage) system.

This state of the art skin tightening treatment uses the latest technologies – advanced radio frequency (RF), infrared (IR) light and vacuum in order to treat the wrinkles in a non-invasive manner. Its effectiveness has been proven by numerous clinical studies, as well as thousands of patients who have noticed the tightening of the saggy or loose skin, the increase in collagen production, the reduction of cellulite and an overall body contours improvement. If other treatments take ages to show results, with Veola 3D shaping, you will notice immediate and long-lasting effects. Contact Yanox now in order to find out more about the Veola skin tightening and 3D body shaping treatment and what it can do for you. One of our specialists will recommend the most suitable treatment for you based on a special evaluation of your body.

What is for?

Who wouldn’t like to improve their tone, reshape their contour and reclaim the curves lost during certain experiences, such as child birth or liposuction surgery? With Veola 3D shaping drainage system, all of this is possible: you will gain nothing else but confidence with each inch that you lose.

Sliming and body shaping

The Veola system combines the effectiveness of three technologies. The monopolar and bipolar RF and IR lights heat the epithelial and connective tissues. They each act differently: the IR light heats them up to 5 mm in depth, while the RF acts deeper, from 5 to 15 mm. This increases the oxygen in the tissues, as well as strengthens the exchange of materials inside the cells and between the cells, which results into an accelerated metabolism that burns fat faster. Moreover, the IR light also increases the elasticity of the tissue and heats up the subcutaneous fat, shrinks the fat cells, while at the same time protecting the epidermis.

The third component, the vacuum increases the blood circulation and facilitates the catalytic enzyme release which also results in a faster metabolism. The combination of these three technologies (IP, RF and vacuum) is optimal for an instant body reshaping.

Cellulite Reduction and Skin Tightening

The three elements of Veola 3D shaping system (RF, IR and vacuum) increase the blood flow, as well as the lymphatic drainage and the diffusion on partial tissue, thus fighting cellulite effectively. The hyperthermia generated by the machine acts as a heater which penetrates the subcutaneous tissue in order to re-activate it and increase its collagen and elastic fibres production. The result is a smoother, tighter skin.

Allow your beauty to become visible!

Why it’s different

We all know the myriad of lotions, creams and high-end devices or surgical, invasive procedures that promise a tighter, firmer body and a more youthful look. We’ve all tried at least a part of them and saw no significant results. However, Veola 3D body shaping system is unique and can provide unparalleled results, which are scientifically backed.

The Veola 3D body shaping system is based on monopolar radio frequency (RF), infrared light (IR) and vacuum. In brief, this is how they work: the vacuum absorption ensures the optimal penetration of the RF and IR lights into various layers of the fat. Veola is the only system in the world that combines these three elements, thus ensuring the best results.

The monopolar RF uses a 2,6 MHz frequency and produces energy on all the three directions (X, Y and Z) in the subcutaneous tissue. This increases the temperature in the skin tissue, which, in turn, makes the enzyme activity more intense; thus, the fat cells can be fully released with triglycerides. Under the action of enzymes, the triglycerides in the fat crack into fatty acids and glycerol which can be excreted. 

The 700-2000 nm IR light can penetrate the entire skin tissue. While doing so, it expands the blood vessels, improves the blood and lymph circulation, as well as the oxygen saturation. Moreover, the IR light speeds up the metabolism of the subcutaneous adipose tissue which results in faster weight loss.

What are the benefits of “Monopolar & Bipolar” RF treatment?

The bipolar module reaches the top layers of the skin, while the monopolar one can perform dermal thermotherapy in the deeper layers. Thus, the bipolar module is more suitable for areas in which the skin is thin and delicate (such as the face, for wrinkle reduction). On the other hand, the monopolar module causes friction and heating in the deeper tissues through the generation of alternating electromagnetic fields. It is suitable for overall shaping and firmness. When acting together, these two modules can offer spectacular results in all the layers of the skin, without being invasive at all.