Facial, neck & scalp massage

services-relaxationIn today’s stressful atmosphere, anyone needs their own oasis of relaxation. We know that you have to juggle with the job and personal life so that you can find a certain equilibrium and please everyone around you, from bosses, colleagues, parents, children and life partner. However, having sometime for yourself is not at all selfish, quite the opposite – it is mandatory. The time spent on only yourself will help you deal with the daily routine better.

This is why we have prepared a special package for you: a facial, neck & scalp massage. We have chosen these areas because they are the first to accumulate tension and the first ones where the tension is visible. A small spell of time in the capable hands of a massage therapist will put you back in your usual full-of-energy shape, allowing you to resume your activities more effectively. Moreover, besides relaxation, the facial, neck and scalp massage also has other beneficial effects. For instance, it can alleviate migraines, even in people that suffer from chronic ones. Nonetheless, a facial, neck and scalp massage also diminishes skin problems: it accelerates the blood circulation which helps the skin produce more collagen, shrink fat cells and fight aging effectively on its own, as well as become more tight and firm.

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