FLUTE OxyJet Skin enhancing system



Having clear, smooth skin is easy with the FLUTE OxyJet skin enhancing system.

Look to the professionals at Yanox Laser to provide the products and services that help you look your best.

Our professional skin enhancing system FLUTE OxyJet delivers on it’s promise to deeply clean your skin in order to rejuvenate and moisturize it.

The benefits of FLUTE OxyJet are evident on all skin types and all ages.

Oxygen and blood flow are vital to the healthy rejuvenation of our skin. As we age, collagen production (which makes up 80% of our skin) begins to slow down.

Skin loses moisture and it’s ability to regenerate new cells effectively.

The FLUTE OxyJet system stimulates your skin by jetting a water-oxygen molecule mixture into the skins layers. This process makes use of 99% pure oxygen molecules and sodium chloride molecules to clean the dirt inside the skin and wipes out any anaerobic bacteria.

The added benefit of this treatment is that the moisture, oxygen and other nutrients applied, stimulate the underlying surface and encourage collagen regeneration.

Before and after imaging will help you see for yourself what a difference this treatment has made.

Imagine… healthier looking skin!

This treatment is completely safe for use on everyone’s skin.

Use it to:

  • remove acne, blackheads, comedones & blemishes;
  • restrain inflammation associated with blemishes;
  • tighten large pores;
  • remove scars; from acne or other sources;
  • Improve flexibility and tone of skin;
  • remove fine lines, wrinkles & spider veins.

The perfect system for clearer, smoother skin.