Laser Treatment for Spider Veins

It's inevitable that at one point in our lives we start noticing these veins begin to appear, mostly on our legs, and thighs. Spider veins are a common concern that not only women have, but men as well. With age, and with the hard labor of constantly being on our feet, our legs start give in and produce veins that appear on the surface of our skin, and most of the time they're unavoidable unless you do compression therapy and often raise your legs up as possible. Luckily, if you do see those pesky veins beginning to surface, we've got the right treatment for you! With advanced technology, and qualified specialist, YANOX clinic can guarantee getting rid of those problematic veins. In order to get rid of spider veins, laser procedures are the best option to go with, as they are known as being the best option when it comes to eliminating them; results are instantaneous and you'll be sure to leave satisfied with your experience at the YANOX clinic located in Etobicoke.

At YANOX Clinic, we aim to satisfy our clientele, thus we customize each treatment whether big or small, in order to suite our clients concerns and needs, as well ensuring that we reach maximum potential when it comes to results. Before starting your treatments, one of our certified medical specialists will conduct a consultation, to review your medical history and concerns. Laser treatments are often completed within the span of an hour, and allow you to easily return to your day to day life. This treatment is often suggested to be taken atleast two or three times in order to significantly reduce or/and completely eliminate the appearance of spider veins. With the right equipment and the right specialists as YANOX Clinic, you are guaranteed to see improvements in the appearance of your veins instantly!

If you're wondering how this laser treatment is performed, the treatment itself is conducted with a handheld device that emits light frequencies, that are directed at the visible spider veins, in order to ensure maximum results. The ultimate goal of this non-invasive procedure to close up the vein, to ensure that there's no longer any blood flow.


  • Minimise or eliminate the appearance of spider veins
  • Treat veins on any body part
  • Fix broken capillaries
  • Cause very little discomfort
  • Minimal recovery with the ability to return to work immediately
  • Provide a gradual and natural looking improvement over time
  • Promotes younger, brighter looking skin
  • Produce long-lasting results

Are Proud to Deliver Unsurpassed Results

Having had my spider veins done, I can complement Yanox clinic, my legs look amazing. I will be able to wear shorts and dresses and feel comfortable in them. Explains everything that is going to be done and gives you a contract number for after hours and if you have concerns. The staff are warm and friendly. I will defently be going back for my 12 month check up.

Kerrie, North York

Best in Etobicoke, ON. I went here for varicose vein treatment. The procedure was quick and easy and it was covered by my insurance. Excellent bed side manner and customer service. Highly Recommend!"

Sasha M.