Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massages are always a great option when you're looking to aid your muscular, nerve and circulatory systems, therapeutic massages act directly to those pinpoints and often are used as a treatment to aid physical injuries and various other physical and mental conditions. Therapeutic Massages also assist in toning muscles, as well as increasing and maintaining flexibility in the body and muscle tissue. It can prevent potential injuries in the future, as well as cure repetitive strains on the body.

At Yanox Clinic in Etobicoke, therapeutic massages can guarantee an improvement in the health and wellbeing of a person. With the stress on our shoulders nowadays, we often need to treat not only our minds but our bodies as well, as often times stress can affect the way our body works. It's important to treat yourself, and your body to ensure that it's always working to its fullest potential, and to further prevent any harmful injuries. Our skilled professionals can guarantee a peaceful and enjoyable massage that'll rejuvenate your body.

Therapeutic Specialist

When it comes to certain muscle or joint concern, a licensed therapeutic massage specialist is often required and recommended. A therapeutic specialist may work with different massage techniques and it is important to choose one who can alleviate the tension and aches you are suffering from. Receiving the wrong kind of massage may do more harm than good, therefore it's important to choose an experience specialist. At Yanox, we can ensure that all of our therapeutic specialists are experienced and specialized in therapeutic massages, and always confer with the patient prior to applying a certain type of massage and only choose the best solution for each individual. Their numerous years of experience and their continuous training ensures the best results in a variety of affections.


Acupuncture is an effective and old technique that originated in Ancient China. It consists of inserting needles of different thickness and length into various different areas of the body, according to the concern they need to alleviate. Acupuncture can effectively treat numerous conditions such as chronic pain, nausea and vomiting, as well as fertility issues. Nonetheless, it has proved to be effective in helping patients quit smoking. According to your concern, an acupuncture specialist will recommend the appropriate treatment and the appropriate number of sessions.

Double Chin Elimination

The osteopathic massage is performed on the entire body, with the aim of increasing its vitality. This type of massage ameliorates posture and mobility by freeing the restrictions in muscles and joints. Nonetheless, because it also increases the circulation of blood, nerve or lymph, it offers the body the ability to receive more oxygen and nutrients which improves the immune system and offers more energy reserves as an overall. It is essential to choose a good therapist for osteopathic massages, as only an experienced one can accurately locate the source of pain.

Registered Massage Therapy

At Yanox, we understand that health is one’s most important asset. This is why we don’t take it lightly when it comes to caring for you. Our clinic only employs registered massage therapists. This means that all of our therapists have taken numerous tests prior to treating you and they undergo continuous training. An improper massage can cause more harm than good, this is why it is important to make sure that you only receive professional massage therapy. Irrespective of the condition that you are suffering from, you must discuss it openly with your therapist so that you may receive the best care possible.

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…she does an amazing job, like no where else I have experienced before… I always come out looking younger and feeling better! I have been regularly booking appointments with Oksana for the last 4 years. I look forward to my facials with Oksana because she does an amazing job, like no where else I have experienced before. She always does little extra services and adds special touches. She also does fabulous massaging throughout the session. I always come out looking younger and feeling better. I would highly recommend trying her services.

Larissa N.

…I can say with confidence the service is one of empathy and compassion for my needs. I have been with Yanox for 5 years. What I like about Yanox: the high standard of service Genuine and caring hands. Oksana makes a connection with the client and create a bond that makes the treatment therapeutically. I do not hesitate to recommend her. My whole family are clinic clients. This includes my husband Massages are never rushed by Natalia (RMT). Again, we feel healing hands on us. I have back and neck issues so I can say with confidence the service is one of empathy and compassion for my needs.

Relaxation therapeutic client

…she was simply amazing! This was my first time getting a hot stone massage done by Victoria and she was simply amazing! The room was nice and dim with peaceful music playing in the background. Victoria left me to change and when she returned she explained to me how the massage would be performed. She prepped by body with body oil first and then right after she rubbed and massaged my body with the hot stones. I have never done a hot stone body massage in my life and it was a great first time experience. I will be recommending Yanox laser and massage therapy clinic to my friends and family and will be returning myself. Have finished my Laser Hair Removal sessions – 6 for underarms. This was such a huge.

Relaxation therapeutic client